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It was quite a few years ago when I first had the idea that I wanted to build and run a 100% solar powered website. At that stage ,unfortunately, solar panels were still very expensive and there was also no suitably low powered PC hardware for the web server. I also didn’t really know what to build the site about, other than the solar powered project itself.
Thankfully since then, solar panels have reduced in price, the Raspberry Pi mini PC has come along and my interest in hiking has provided media, knowledge and experience.
That is what I wish to share on this site, with like minded people.

Island Peak Summit.

Kilimanjaro Summit.
The site consists mainly of information relating to trekking, camping and outdoors but also contains all the geeky information relating to the actual solar project itself and the web server that hosts this site.
The panels that power this website.
The main components of the solar project, including the Raspberry Pi Web Server.